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Slowly roasted in the heart of Whatcom County, Chuckanut Crunch is handmade in small batches for a delicious balance of natural flavors and caramelized crunch. Chuckanut Crunch is perfect for breakfast or a wholesome snack.


Chuckanut Crunch began right here in the Pacific Northwest as a healthy, nutritious, homemade breakfast cereal. Based on an old family recipe, Chuckanut Crunch has now evolved into the beloved granola we share with you today. Our slow roasted, whole grain, naturally sweetened granolas are handcrafted by Melinda & Allison, who together have over 20 years' classical baking experience. That’s our story - inspired by a love for simple and delicious whole food. We hope you’ll enjoy Chuckanut Crunch as much as we do.

Our best, Melinda & Allison


The Freshest Ingredients


01 Classic

*Organic Oats · Pacific NW Honey · *Organic Raisins · *Non-GMO Wheat Bits (Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Salt, Dried Yeast) · *Non-GMO Pacific NW Canola Oil · *Sesame Seeds · *Organic Ground Flax · *Organic Sunflower Seeds · *Almonds · *Walnuts · *Coconut.  *Non-GMO Ingredients. 

Contains: Wheat, Almond, Walnut, Coconut.

02 Blueberry

*Organic Oats · *Pure Maple Syrup · *Blueberries (Blueberries, Cane Sugar, Sunflower seed oil) · *Coconut Oil · *Almonds · *Walnuts · *Coconut · *Pure Vanilla Powder · *Cinnamon · *Salt · *Nutmeg. *Non-GMO Ingredients. 

Contains: Almond, Walnut, Coconut.  

03 Tropical

*Organic Oats · *Pure Maple Syrup · *Almonds · *Coconut Oil · *Coconut · *Pineapple · *Coconut Flour · *Pure Vanilla Powder · *Salt. *Non-GMO Ingredients.

Contains: Almond, Coconut


05 Banana Walnut

06 apple cinnamon

*Organic Oats · *Pure Maple Syrup · *Walnuts · *Banana · *Coconut Oil · *Coconut · *Pure Vanilla Powder · *Cinnamon · *Salt. *Non-GMO Ingredients. 

Contains: Walnut, Coconut. 

*Organic Oats · *Pure Maple Syrup · *Walnuts · *Coconut Oil · *Granny Smith Apples · *Cinnamon · *Salt. *Non-GMO Ingredients. 

Contains: Walnut, Coconut.